NATURAL EXTRACTS OF BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS FROM THE RESIDUE OF BREWER’S SPENT GRAIN WITH APPLICATIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW FUNCTIONAL FOODS – Research project PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0842. This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCS–UEFISCDI, contract number 52/01.10.2015


The consumers’ awareness of the direct relation between the diet and health has led to an increased scientific interest for the development of new functional foods and exploitation of new sources of biological active compounds. The brewer’s spent grain is the main solid waste produced in large quantities in beer industry being traditionally used as feed. Due to its high content in bioactive compounds (fibre, proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants), nowadays the attention is focused on the possibilities of the re-utilization of brewers’ spent grain in food industry (functional ingredient), pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. The consumption of rich polyphenols foods is an efficient way to combat the negative effects caused by the oxidative stress, due to their beneficial health effects: antioxidant, anti-inflamatory, cardio- and neuroprotective. Bread is the most widely used food in the human diet and therefore an ideal matrix through which polyphenols can be delivered to consumer. Thus, the project aims the development of a functional bread, being structured on two research directions:
1) the exploitation of brewers’ spent grain as a low cost source of polyphenols
2) use of microencapsulated polyphenolic extracts to develop a functional bread whose stability and functionality is maintained throughout the shelf life.