NATURAL EXTRACTS OF BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS FROM THE RESIDUE OF BREWER’S SPENT GRAIN WITH APPLICATIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW FUNCTIONAL FOODS – Research project PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0842. This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCS–UEFISCDI, contract number 52/01.10.2015


Most of the research activities related to the present proposal will be carried out in the research laboratories of UASVM Cluj-Napoca, respectively the Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety and the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department laboratories as well as in the Bakery and Beer Pilot Stations of Food Science and Technology Faculty, UASVM Cluj-Napoca. The UASVM research infrastructure includes high performance equipments and covers 90% of the necessary equipments for the achievement of the proposed objectives.  Most relevant for the project are: high performance liquid chromatographs (Shimadzu, Agilent) with different detectors (UV-VIS, PDA, fluorescence, MS), gas-chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer and CombiPAL system (Shimadzu, GCMS-QP2010), microplates reader (Biotek Synergy), encapsulator  (Encapbiosystems-Biotech), freeze-drier, spray-drier (GEA mobil Minor), rotaevaporator (Heidolph), ultrasound bath (Bandelin), ultrasound probe (Bandelin), freezer (Sanyo), centrifuge with cooling, microscope (Axio Observer Zeiss), oven with thermoregulation (Memert), sterile hoods with laminar flow,  pH-meters, analytical balances, agitators, autoclave, system for water purification, glassware and laboratory consumables.

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